Jacobi geometry and Hamiltonian mechanics: The unit-free approach

  title={Jacobi geometry and Hamiltonian mechanics: The unit-free approach},
  author={Carlos Zapata-Carratala},
  journal={International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics},
  • Carlos Zapata-Carratala
  • Published 3 July 2020
  • Mathematics
  • International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
We present a systematic treatment of line bundle geometry and Jacobi manifolds with an application to geometric mechanics that has not been noted in the literature. We precisely identify categories... 

A geometric approach to the generalized Noether theorem

We provide a geometric extension of the generalized Noether theorem for scaling symmetries recently presented by Zhang P-M et al (2020 Eur. Phys. J. Plus 135 223). Our version of the generalized

Dimensioned Algebra: Mathematics with Physical Quantities

A rigorous mathematical theory of dimensional analysis, systematically accounting for the use of physical quantities in science and engineering, perhaps surprisingly, was not developed until

Poly-Jacobi Manifolds: the Dimensioned Approach to Jacobi Geometry

The standard formulation of Jacobi manifolds in terms of differential operators on line bundles, although effective at capturing most of the relevant geometric features, lacks a clear algebraic



Reduction of Jacobi manifolds

A reduction procedure for Jacobi manifolds is described in the algebraic setting of Jacobi algebras. As applications, reduction by arbitrary submanifolds, distributions and the reduction of Jacobi

Conformal Dirac Structures

The Courant bracket defined originally on the sections of a vector bundle TM⊕T*M→M is extended to the direct sum of the 1-jet vector bundle and its dual. The extended bracket allows one to interpret


In this article we investigate the structure of local Lie algebras with a one-dimensional fibre. We show that all such Lie algebras are essentially exhausted by the classical examples of the

Generalized Complex Geometry

Generalized complex geometry encompasses complex and symplectic ge- ometry as its extremal special cases. We explore the basic properties of this geometry, including its enhanced symmetry group,

Integration of Dirac?Jacobi structures

We study precontact groupoids whose infinitesimal counterparts are Dirac?Jacobi structures. These geometric objects generalize contact groupoids. We also explain the relationship between precontact

Co-isotropic and Legendre-Lagrangian submanifolds and conformal Jacobi morphisms

The notion of a co-isotropic and Legendre - Lagrangian submanifold of a Jacobi manifold is given. A characterization of conformal Jacobi morphisms and conformal Jacobi infinitesimal transformations

On Exact Courant Algebras

In this note, we will show that exact Courant algebras over a Lie algebra 𝔤 can be characterized via Leibniz 2-cocycles, and the automorphism group of a given exact Courant algebra is in a

Contact geometry and thermodynamics

  • A. Bravetti
  • Physics
    International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
  • 2019
These are the lecture notes for the course given at the “XXVII International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics” held in Seville (Spain) in September 2018. We review the geometric formulation of

Normal Forms for Dirac-Jacobi bundles and Splitting Theorems for Jacobi Structures

The aim of this paper is to prove a normal form Theorem for Dirac-Jacobi bundles using the recent techniques from Bursztyn, Lima and Meinrenken. As the most important consequence, we can prove the