Jaccoud's arthropathy: report of seven cases.


Seven patients with severe rheumatic heart disease and joint deformities, in whom there were no signs of active arthritis, are described. The fulfill the criteria for the diagnosis of Jaccoud's arthropathy (or 'chronic post-rheumatic arthritis'). We postulate that hypermobility may be a predisposing factor in the development of the deformity. This rare… (More)


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@article{Meyers1977JaccoudsAR, title={Jaccoud's arthropathy: report of seven cases.}, author={O. L. Meyers and I. M. H. Chalmers}, journal={South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde}, year={1977}, volume={51 21}, pages={753-7} }