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Jaccard Filtration and Stable Paths in the Mapper

  title={Jaccard Filtration and Stable Paths in the Mapper},
  author={D. Arendt and M. Broussard and B. Krishnamoorthy and Nathaniel Saul},
The contributions of this paper are two-fold. We define a new filtration called the cover filtration built from a single cover based on a generalized Jaccard distance. We provide stability results for the cover filtration and show how the construction is equivalent to the Cech filtration under certain settings. We then develop a language and theory for stable paths within this filtration, inspired by ideas of persistent homology. We demonstrate how the filtration and paths can be applied to a… Expand
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The main result is that a simple filtering process based on the Jaccard index can recover the metric structure of G^* (which reflects that of the hidden space X as the authors will show) from the observed graph G under the network model. Expand
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