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JWST reveals a population of ultra-red, flattened disk galaxies at 2

  title={JWST reveals a population of ultra-red, flattened disk galaxies at 2},
  author={Erica J. Nelson and Katherine A. Suess and Rachel Bezanson and Sedona H. Price and Pieter G. van Dokkum and Joel Leja and Bingjie Wang Katherine E. Whitaker and Ivo Labb'e and L. Barrufet and Gabriel B. Brammer and Daniel J. Eisenstein and Kasper E. Heintz and Benjamin D. Johnson and Elijah Mathews and Tim B. Miller and Pascal A. Oesch and Lester Sandles and David J. Setton and Joshua S. Speagle and Sandro Tacchella and Ken-ichi Tadaki and Hannah Ubler John Weaver},
With just a month of data, JWST is already transforming our view of the Universe, revealing and resolving starlight in unprecedented populations of galaxies. Although “HST -dark” galaxies have previously been detected at long wavelengths, these observations generally suffer from a lack of spatial resolution which limits our ability to characterize their sizes and morphologies. Here we report on a first view of starlight from a subset of the HST -dark population that are bright with JWST/NIRCam… 

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A redshift quality parameter, -->Qz, is introduced, which provides a robust estimate of the reliability of the photometric redshift estimate, and is provided for the FIRES, MUSYC, and FIREWORKS surveys.

2022a, arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2207.10655

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