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JUGE: An Infrastructure for Benchmarking Java Unit Test Generators

  title={JUGE: An Infrastructure for Benchmarking Java Unit Test Generators},
  author={Xavier Devroey and Alessio Gambi and J. P. Galeotti and Ren{\'e} Just and Fitsum Meshesha Kifetew and A. Panichella and Sebastiano Panichella},
Researchers and practitioners have designed and implemented various automated test case generators to support effective software testing. Such generators exist for various languages (e.g., Java, C#, or Python) and for various platforms (e.g., desktop, web, or mobile applications). Such generators exhibit varying effectiveness and efficiency, depending on the testing goals they aim to satisfy (e.g., unit-testing of libraries vs. system-testing of entire applications) and the underlying… Expand


EvoSuite: On the Challenges of Test Case Generation in the Real World
  • G. Fraser, A. Arcuri
  • Computer Science
  • 2013 IEEE Sixth International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation
  • 2013
The technical challenges that a testing tool like EVOSUITE needs to address when handling Java classes coming from real-world open source projects, and when producing JUnit test suites intended for real users are discussed. Expand
Concolic testing
This tutorial describes concolic testing and some of its recent extensions and uses the tools to find bugs in several real-world software systems including SGLIB, a popular C data structure library used in a commercial tool, and the Sun Microsystems' JDK 1.4 collection framework. Expand
A Large-Scale Evaluation of Automated Unit Test Generation Using EvoSuite
The study confirms that VOSUITE can achieve good levels of branch coverage in practice, and exemplifies how the choice of software systems for an empirical study can influence the results of the experiments, which can serve to inform researchers to make more conscious choices in the selection of software system subjects. Expand
Demo: PIT a Practical Mutation Testing Tool for Java
Mutation analysis introduces program defects with the intend of verifying whether candidate tests are able to trigger anomalous behaviour. In case the tests can distinguish the defective behaviourExpand
Whole Test Suite Generation
This work proposes a novel paradigm in which whole test suites are evolved with the aim of covering all coverage goals at the same time while keeping the total size as small as possible, and implemented this novel approach in the EvoSuite tool. Expand
SeleCTT: An Infrastructure for Selection of Concurrent Software Testing Techniques
A computational infrastructure, called SeleCTT tool, that uses relevant information of concurrent software testing techniques to automate the selection of an adequate testing approach for a concurrent software project. Expand
Instance Generator and Problem Representation to Improve Object Oriented Code Coverage
This work presents a new automated search-based software test-data generation approach that achieves high code coverage for unit-class testing and implements it in a tool, JTExpert, that gives better results in terms of search time and code coverage than the state of the art, EvoSuite. Expand
Defects4J: a database of existing faults to enable controlled testing studies for Java programs
Defects4J, a database and extensible framework providing real bugs to enable reproducible studies in software testing research, and provides a high-level interface to common tasks in softwareTesting research, making it easy to con- duct and reproduce empirical studies. Expand
SBST Tool Competition 2021
The methodology, the statistical analysis of the results together with the contestant tools, and the challenges faced while running the competition experiments are described. Expand
BugSwarm: Mining and Continuously Growing a Dataset of Reproducible Failures and Fixes
The BUGSWARM toolkit is described, a toolset that navigates obstacles to enable the creation of a scalable, diverse, realistic, continuously growing set of durably reproducible failing and passing versions of real-world, open-source systems. Expand