JPEG XL next-generation image compression architecture and coding tools

  title={JPEG XL next-generation image compression architecture and coding tools},
  author={J. Alakuijala and Ruud van Asseldonk and Sami Boukortt and M. Bruse and I. Comșa and Moritz Firsching and T. Fischbacher and Evgenii Kliuchnikov and S. G{\'o}mez and Robert Obryk and Krzysztof Potempa and Alexander Rhatushnyak and Jon Sneyers and Zoltan Szabadka and Lode Vandervenne and Luca Versari and Jan Wassenberg},
  booktitle={Optical Engineering + Applications},
  • J. Alakuijala, Ruud van Asseldonk, +14 authors Jan Wassenberg
  • Published in
    Optical Engineering…
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • An update on the JPEG XL standardization effort: JPEG XL is a practical approach focused on scalable web distribution and efficient compression of high-quality images. It will provide various benefits compared to existing image formats: significantly smaller size at equivalent subjective quality; fast, parallelizable decoding and encoding configurations; features such as progressive, lossless, animation, and reversible transcoding of existing JPEG; support for high-quality applications… CONTINUE READING
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