JP-8 jet fuel-induced DNA damage in H4IIE rat hepatoma cells.

  title={JP-8 jet fuel-induced DNA damage in H4IIE rat hepatoma cells.},
  author={Geraldine M Grant and Shawna M Jackman and Christopher J Kolanko and David A. Stenger},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={490 1},
We investigated the genotoxicity of middle distillate jet fuel, Jet Propulsion 8 (JP-8), on H4IIE rat hepatoma cells in vitro. DNA damage was evaluated using the comet (single cell gel electrophoresis) assay. Cells were exposed for 4h to JP-8 (solubilized in ethanol (EtOH) at 0.1% (v/v)) to concentrations ranging from 1 to 20microg/ml. Exposure to JP-8 resulted in an overall increase in mean comet tail moments ranging from 0.74+/-0.065 (0.1% EtOH control) to 3.13+/-0.018,4.36+/-0.32,5.40+/-0.29… CONTINUE READING


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