JOLT: a highly directive, very intensive, impulse-like radiator

  title={JOLT: a highly directive, very intensive, impulse-like radiator},
  author={Carl E. Baum and William L. Baker and William D. Prather and Jane Lehr and J. P. O'Loughlin and D. V. Giri and Ian D. Smith and Robert G. Altes and James J. Fockler and Donald M. McLemore and Michael D. Abdalla and Michael C. Skipper},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE},
Ultrawideband (UWB) systems that radiate very high-level transient waveforms and exhibit operating bandwidths of over two decades are now in demand for a number of applications. Such systems are known to radiate impulse-like waveforms with rise times around 100 ps and peak electric field values of tens of kilovolts per meter. Such waveforms, if properly radiated, will exhibit an operating spectrum of over two decades, making them ideal for applications such as concealed object detection… CONTINUE READING
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