JHK-band spectro-interferometry of T Cep with the IOTA interferometer

  title={JHK-band spectro-interferometry of T Cep with the IOTA interferometer},
  author={G. Weigelt and U. Beckmann and J. Berger and T. Bloecker and M. Brewer and K. Hofmann and M. Lacasse and V. Malanushenko and R. Millan-Gabet and J. Monnier and K. Ohnaka and E. Pedretti and D. Schertl and F. P. Schloerb and M. Scholz and W. Traub and B. Yudin},
  booktitle={SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation},
Our new IOTA JHK-band beam combiner allows the simultaneous recording of spectrally dispersed J-, H- and K-band Michelson interferograms. In this paper we present our IOTA observations of the Mira star T Cep with this beam combiner (observations in June 2001; four baselines in the range of 14 m to 27 m). The beam combiner optics consists of an anamorphic cylindrical lens system and a prism. From the interferograms of T Cep we derive the visibilities and the J-, H-, and K-band uniform-disk… Expand
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