JEmacs-The Java/Scheme-based Emacs

  title={JEmacs-The Java/Scheme-based Emacs},
  author={Per Bothner},
  booktitle={USENIX Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track},
  • Per Bothner
  • Published 2000 in USENIX Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track
JEmacs is a re-implementation of the Emacs programmable text editor. It is written in Java, and uses the Swing GUI toolkit. Emacs is based on the extension language Emacs Lisp (Elisp), which is a dynamicallyscoped member of the Lisp family. JEmacs supports Elisp, as well as the use of Scheme, a more modern statically-scoped Lisp dialect. Both languages get compiled to Java bytecodes, either in advance or on-the-fly, using the Kawa compilation framework.