JCAMP-DX: A Standard Form for Exchange of Infrared Spectra in Computer Readable Form

  title={JCAMP-DX: A Standard Form for Exchange of Infrared Spectra in Computer Readable Form},
  author={Robert S. Mcdonald and Paul A. Wilks},
  journal={Applied Spectroscopy},
  pages={151 - 162}
JCAMP-DX is a standard file form for exchange of infrared spectra and related chemical and physical information between spectrometer data systems of different manufacture, main-frame time-sharing systems, general purpose lab computers, and personal computers. It is compatible with all media: telephone, magnetic and optical disk, magnetic tape, and even the printed page (via optical reader). All data are stored as labeled fields of variable length using printable ASCII characters. A JCAMP-DX… Expand
JCAMP-DX, a standard format for exchange of infrared spectra in computer readable form (Recommendations 1991)
The project committee recommends the use of JCAMP-DX to standardize infrared spectral data for ease in transmission between infrared spectrometer data systems and between such systems and otherExpand
JCAMP-DX for Mass Spectrometry
JCAMP-DX has, for several years, been the standard form for the exchange of infrared spectral data. More recently JCAMP-DX protocols have been published for chemical structure data and for nuclearExpand
Following the development and publication of the JCAMP-DX protocol 4.24 and its successful implementation in the field of infrared spectroscopy, data exchange without loss of information, betweenExpand
JCAMP — DX, A Standard?
The types of errors found in the present generation of JCAMP-DX files and handling software will be discussed and a programme capable of checking the transport file format, diagnosing errors, and where possible correcting errors will be presented. Expand
JCAMP-CS: A Standard Exchange Format for Chemical Structure Information in Computer-Readable Form
The JCAMP-DX format provides a Standard for the exchange of data on IR spectra. Extensions of this format to other spectral data are being developed. Spectral data should always be accompanied byExpand
Chapter 39 Developments in Scientific Data Transfer
Some of the work as the Data Standards Test Center for the German Unified Spectroscopic Database Project is presented where it is looked into the current state of the implemented software handling these transfer standards and at future developments. Expand
JCAMP-DX. A standard format for the exchange of ion mobility spectrometry data (IUPAC Recommendations 2001)
The aim of this paper is to adapt JCAMP-DX to the special requirements of ion mobility spectra. Expand
A Proposed Implementation of JCAMP-DX
The structure of this implementation of JCAMP-DX is more restrictive than the generic format. There must be no space between the data label text and the "=", and at least one space between the "="Expand
Standard Formats for Presentation of Spectroscopic Data on Enzymes
Spectroscopic methods are often used to follow the course of enzymecatalysed reactions. UV/visible spectrophotometry is the most common, but a wide range of other spectroscopic techniques, includingExpand
Compact Table for the Publication of Infrared Spectra That are Quantitative on Both Intensity and Wavenumber Axes
A Compact Table format is presented for the publication of infrared spectra that are quantitative on both intensity and wavenumber axes. The format is illustrated with a molar absorption coefficientExpand


Criteria for Presentation of Spectra from Computerized IR Instruments
A subcommittee of the Coblentz Society was set up to recommend the type of information which should be included with published spectra, to allow better interlaboratory reproducibility. Expand
CRC atlas of spectral data and physical constants for organic compounds
The common group frequencies and all strong bands are included for infrared and Raman spectroscopy. All bands, their molar absorption coefficients (when available), and the solvents are displayed forExpand
Draft Requirements for Molecular Spectroscopy Data Banks—A Discussion Document
Computers are used in spectroscopy laboratories throughout the world. However, to avoid needless duplication of work and to maximize the potential of the vast mass of data now available, the storedExpand
STN International is an online information network operated cooperatively by ACS, West German, and Japanese oraanizations
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