JAK2, MPL, and CALR mutations in children with essential thrombocythemia

  title={JAK2, MPL, and CALR mutations in children with essential thrombocythemia},
  author={Yuko Sekiya and Yusuke Okuno and Hideki Muramatsu and Olfat Ismael and Nozomu Kawashima and Atsushi Narita and Xinan Wang and Yinyan Xu and Asahito Hama and Hiroyuki Fujisaki and Toshihiko Imamura and Daiichiro Hasegawa and Yoshiyuki Kosaka and Shosuke Sunami and Yoshitoshi Ohtsuka and Shouichi Ohga and Yoshiyuki Takahashi and Seiji Kojima and Akira Shimada},
  journal={International Journal of Hematology},
hypothesized that these differences might be attributable to different frequencies of CALR mutation, and performed a mutational analysis of pediatric patients with ET. Seventeen pediatric patients with ET (median 8-yearsold at diagnosis, range 0–12) were examined under approval of the ethics committee at Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine. This cohort includes nine patients reported in previous studies by our group. Clinical diagnosis was made following 2008 WHO criteria. Patient… CONTINUE READING