J.C. Holz Revisited: From Modernism to Visual Culture

  title={J.C. Holz Revisited: From Modernism to Visual Culture},
  author={Julia Ulbricht},
  journal={Art Education},
  pages={12 - 17}
  • J. Ulbricht
  • Published 1 November 2005
  • Education
  • Art Education
In 1973, Brent Wilson and It raveled 33 mileswest of the University of Iowa to Williamsburg, Iowa, where we evaluated the progress of an art student teacher. While there, we visited Williamsburg Elementary School, and together noticed the numerous self-initiated spontaneous drawings that students posted on the art room bulletin board. 

A search for insights into the creative processes utilized within the visual arts. Shifting focus (1991--2006): Fifteen years of conflict and productivity in the artistic work of Noel Robbins

this series contains more recognizable imagery than the original abstract series completed three years earlier while he attended UT.


In this study, the researcher used an action research methodology to investigate the selfinitiated creative processes and artifacts of his fourth and fifth grade students over the course of one

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About Sydney, Weird Australia. In 1965, a sprawling, growing city of three million people. Easy going, down-to-earth and hilariously funny people. In truth a weird mob. Into the city and fresh off

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Two opposing theoretical positions have been posited regarding the child's graphic development. For nearly 100 years the first article of faith assumed by art educators has been that universal

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This article explores the idea that service-learning, when based on a postmodern art education pedagogy, is a work of art. The goal of service-learning is to deepen students' civic responsibility

Child Art After Modernism: Visual Culture and New Narratives

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