J D Bernal: philosophy, politics and the science of science

  title={J D Bernal: philosophy, politics and the science of science},
  author={H. Sheehan},
This paper is an examination of the philosophical and political legacy of John Desmond Bernal. It addresses the evidence of an emerging consensus on Bernal based on the recent biography of Bernal by Andrew Brown and the reviews it has received. It takes issue with this view of Bernal, which tends to be admiring of his scientific contribution, bemused by his sexuality, condescending to his philosophy and hostile to his politics. This article is a critical defence of his philosophical and… Expand
The impact of J. D. Bernal’s thoughts in the science of science upon China: Implications for today’s quantitative studies of science
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Impact of JD Bernal Thoughts in the Science of Science upon China: Implications for Quantitative Studies of Science Today
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Advocating Science for the People
J. D. Bernal . The Sage of Science. By Andrew Brown . Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005. 576 pp. $34.95, £25. ISBN 0-19-851544-8. The author sketches the colorful life of the polymath MarxistExpand
J D Bernal (1901–1971) in perspective
  • A. Mackay
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Biosciences
  • 2007
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