Iwasawa Theory for $p$-adic Representations

  title={Iwasawa Theory for \$p\$-adic Representations},
  author={Ralph Greenberg},
Several years ago Mazur and Wiles proved a fundamental conjecture of Iwasawa which gives a precise link between the critical values of the Riemann zeta function (and, more generally, Dirichlet L-functions) and the ideal class groups of certain towers of cyclotomic fields. Probably the first hint of such a link is Kummer's well-known criterion for irregularity of primes. In Iwasawa's theory one defines for each prime p certain modules over the Iwasawa algebra A (which we will describe in Section… 


At the first half of this article, we present a conjecture (cf. Conjecture 1.10) to associate “the p-adic L-function” to a family of Galois representation. In recent years, we have plenty of examples

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Let p be a prime number, which, for simplicity, we shall always assume odd. In the Iwasawa theory of an elliptic curve E over a number field k one has to distinguish between curves which do or do not

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The object of this paper is to extend the results and methods of [Vat01], where it was shown how cases of a conjecture of Mazur on the behavior of L-functions in an anticyclotomic Zp-extension could

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The Iwasawa theory of CM fields has traditionally concerned Iwasawa modules that are abelian pro-p Galois groups with ramification allowed at a maximal set of primes over p such that the module is