Ivermectin for treatment of nasal capillariasis in a dog.

  title={Ivermectin for treatment of nasal capillariasis in a dog.},
  author={J V Evinger and Kevin R. Kazacos and H. Dan Cantwell},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={186 2},
One oral dose of ivermectin successfully rid a dog of Capillaria aerophila that were infecting the nasal passages. Diagnosis was made by finding the eggs in the feces and in the nasal discharge, and or finding the worms in a biopsy specimen taken from the nasal passage. Ivermectin was chosen because of ease of administration, expected efficacy, and minimal expense. Although this dog did not show any of the adverse CNS effects associated with the use of ivermectin, these potential side-effects… CONTINUE READING

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