Iterative mining of resource-releasing specifications

  title={Iterative mining of resource-releasing specifications},
  author={Qian Wu and Guangtai Liang and Qianxiang Wang and Tao Xie and Hong Mei},
  journal={2011 26th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2011)},
Software systems commonly use resources such as network connections or external file handles. Once finish using the resources, the software systems must release these resources by explicitly calling specific resource-releasing API methods. Failing to release resources properly could result in resource leaks or even outright system failures. Existing verification techniques could analyze software systems to detect defects related to failing to release resources. However, these techniques require… CONTINUE READING
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Key Quantitative Results

  • We evaluated RRFinder on eight open source libraries, and the results show that RRFinder achieved an average recall of 94.0% with precision of 86.6% in mining resource-releasing specifications, and the mined specifications are useful in detecting resource leak defects.


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