Iterative game-theoretic route selection for hostile area transit and patrolling

  title={Iterative game-theoretic route selection for hostile area transit and patrolling},
  author={Ondřej Vaněk and Michal Jakob and Viliam Lis{\'y} and Branislav Bosansk{\'y} and Michal Pechoucek},
A number of real-world security scenarios can be cast as a problem of transiting an area patrolled by a mobile adversary, where the transiting agent aims to choose its route so as to minimize the probability of encountering the patrolling agent, and vice versa. We model this problem as a twoplayer zero-sum game on a graph, termed the transit game. In contrast to the existing models of area transit, where one of the players is stationary, we assume both players are mobile. We also explicitly… CONTINUE READING

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