Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems

  title={Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems},
  author={David R. Kincaid and Linda J. Hayes},
Comparative Analysis of Different Preconditioning Methods in Electromagnetic Scattering Problems using MoM-FMM
In this work, some preconditioning techniques are revised and applied to a linear equation system derived from such type of problems, and the performance of these preconditionsers is estimated and analyzed comparatively using the generalized minimal residual iterative method.
Trends in systolic and cellular computation
Matrix functions in network analysis
We review the recent use of functions of matrices in the analysis of graphs and networks, with special focus on centrality and communicability measures and diffusion processes. Both undirected and
Preconditioners for Krylov subspace methods: An overview
A range of preconditionsers for partial differential equations, followed by optimization problems, are introduced, before discussing preconditioners constructed with less standard objectives in mind.
Adaptive Krylov-Type Time Integration Methods
Two approaches for improving the stability and efficiency of Rosenbrock-Krylov methods are proposed, one through direct control of linear system residuals and the second through a novel extension of the underlying Krylov space to include stage right hand side vectors.
Une méthode de décomposition de domaine mixte non-intrusive pour le calcul parallèle d’assemblages
Les assemblages sont des elements critiques pour les structures industrielles. De fortes non-linearites de type contact frottant, ainsi que des precharges mal maitrisees rendent complexe tout
Viscoelastic flow past mono- and bidisperse random arrays of cylinders: flow resistance, topology and normal stress distribution.
The study shows that normal stress differences in shear flow regions may play a crucial role in the increase of flow resistance for viscoelastic flow through such porous media.