Iterated differential forms: Tensors

  title={Iterated differential forms: Tensors},
  author={Alexandre M. Vinogradov and Luca Vitagliano},
  journal={Doklady Mathematics},
We interpret tensors on a smooth manifold M as differential forms over a graded commutative algebra called the algebra of iterated differential forms over M. This allows us to put standard tensor calculus in a new differentially closed context and, in particular, enriches it with new natural operations. Applications will be considered in subsequent notes. 

Iterated differential forms III: Integral calculus

Basic elements of integral calculus over algebras of iterated differential forms �k, k < ∞, are presented. In particular, defining complexes for modules of integral forms are described and the

Iterated differential forms IV: The ℰ-spectral sequence

For the multiple differential algebra of iterated differential forms [1, 2, 3, 4] on a diffiety (

Iterated differential forms: The Λk − 1-spectral sequence on infinite jets

In the preceding note math.DG/0610917 the $\Lambda_{k-1}\mathcal{C}$--spectral sequence, whose first term is composed of \emph{secondary iterated differential forms}, was constructed for a generic

Logic of differential calculus and the zoo of geometric strujctures

Since the discovery of differential calculus by Newton and Leibniz and the subsequent continuous growth of its applications to physics, mechanics, geometry, etc, it was observed that partial

On the Van Est homomorphism for Lie groupoids

The Van Est homomorphism for a Lie groupoid $G \rightrightarrows M$, as introduced by Weinstein-Xu, is a cochain map from the complex $C^\infty(BG)$ of groupoid cochains to the Chevalley-Eilenberg



Cohomological Analysis of Partial Differential Equations and Secondary Calculus

From symmetries of partial differential equations to Secondary Calculus Elements of differential calculus in commutative algebras Geometry of finite-order contact structures and the classical theory

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