Italian center for astronomical archives publishing solution: modular and distributed

  title={Italian center for astronomical archives publishing solution: modular and distributed},
  author={Marco S. Molinaro and Nicola F. Calabria and Robert Butora and Sonia Zorba and Riccardo Smareglia},
  booktitle={Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation},
The Italian center for Astronomical Archives has, among its goals, to provide astronomical data resources as interoperable services based on IVOA standards. It did so for part of its archives (mainly raw telescope data from LBT, TNG and Italian national telescopes) and continued on with hosted data collections and providing expertise to national and international research projects (like WINGS, VIPERS, VIALACTEA). Its expertise and knowledge of the VO comes from active participation within IVOA… 
Systematic investigation of chemical abundances derived using IR spectra obtained with GIANO
Context. Detailed chemical abundances of Galactic stars are needed in order to improve our knowledge of the formation and evolution of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Aims. We took advantage of the GIANO


Modular VO oriented Java EE service deployer
The main constraints for this new project come from various fields: a better homogenized solution rising from IVOA DAL standards: for example the new DALI (Data Access Layer Interface) specification that acts as a common interface system for previous and oncoming access protocols.
The VO-Dance web application at the IA2 data center
The VO-Dance tool is described, that IA2 started developing to address VO resources publishing in a dynamical way from already existent database tables or views, that consists in a Java web application that stores internally the services' metadata and information, exposes restful endpoints to accept VO queries for these services and dynamically translates calls to these endpoints coherent with the published table or view.
VIALACTEA knowledge base homogenizing access to Milky Way data
This contribution illustrates the current status of the VIALACTEA Knowledge Base and describes the database that allows data discovery through VO inspired metadata maintenance; illustrates the discovery, cutout and access services built on top of the former two for the users to exploit the data content.
IVOA Recommendation: IVOA Astronomical Data Query Language Version 2.00
This document describes the subset of the SQL grammar supported by ADQL, which special restrictions and extensions to SQL92 have been defined in order to support generic and astronomy specific operations.
IVOA Recommendation: VOResource: an XML Encoding Schema for Resource Metadata Version 1.03
This document describes an XML encoding standard for IVOA Resource Metadata, referred to as VOResource. This schema is primarily intended to support interoperable registries used for discovering
IVOA Recommendation: IVOA Support Interfaces
This document describes the minimum interface that a (SOAP- or REST-based) web service requires to participate in the IVOA, and enhances the functionality and interoperability inside the Astronomical Community.
Simple Spectral Access Protocol Version 1.1
The Simple Spectral Access (SSA) Protocol (SSAP) defines a uniform interface to remotely discover and access one dimensional spectra. SSA is a member of an integrated family of data access interfaces
A distributed infrastructure for publishing VO services: an implementation
This contribution describes both the design and the implementation details of a new solution for publishing VO services, enlightening its maintainable, distributed, modular and scalable architecture.
Common Workflow Language, v1.0
The Common Workflow Language (CWL) is designed to express workflows for data-intensive science, such as Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging, Chemistry, Physics, and Astronomy.
IVOA Recommendation: Simple Cone Search Version 1.03
This specification defines a simple query protocol for retrieving records from a catalog of astronomical sources. The query describes sky position and an angular distance, defining a cone on the sky.