Italian Dermestidae: notes on some species and an updated checklist (Coleoptera)

  title={Italian Dermestidae: notes on some species and an updated checklist (Coleoptera)},
  author={Gianluca Nardi and Jiř{\'i} H{\'a}va},
  pages={45 - 81}
Abstract An up-to-date checklist of the Italian Dermestidae is provided. The presence of 95 species in Italy is confirmed, while further 5 species (Dermestes (Dermestes) vorax Motschulsky, 1860, Thorictuspilosus Peyron, 1857, T. wasmanni Reitter, 1895, Attagenus (Attagenus) simonis Reitter, 1881 and Globicornis (G.) breviclavis (Reitter, 1878)) and 1 subspecies (A. (A.) tigrinus pulcher Faldermann, 1835) are excluded from the Italian fauna. Attagenus (Attagenus) calabricus Reitter, 1881 and A… 

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