It is the air that we breathe. Academic socialization as a key component for understanding how parents influence children’s schooling

  title={It is the air that we breathe. Academic socialization as a key component for understanding how parents influence children’s schooling},
  author={Unn-Doris Karlsen B{\ae}ck},
  journal={Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy},
  pages={123 - 132}
  • U. D. Bæck
  • Published 4 May 2017
  • Education
  • Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy
ABSTRACT It is well known from the research literature that parents are important when it comes to determining individual school experiences, achievements and careers. However, in what way parental background influences education outcomes is less clear. In this article, the focus is on academic socialization as a specific aspect of parents’ influence on children’s school achievements. The main aims are to discuss the relationship between academic socialization and school performance and to… 
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