It’s Like One of Those Puzzles: Conceptualising Gender Among Bugis

  title={It’s Like One of Those Puzzles: Conceptualising Gender Among Bugis},
  author={Sharyn Graham},
  journal={Journal of Gender Studies},
  pages={107 - 116}
  • S. Graham
  • Published 1 July 2004
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Gender Studies
In this paper I examine notions of gender in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. I argue that gender should be understood as a multi-faceted concept rather than one that is opposed, for example, to biological sex. In South Sulawesi, notions of gender are constituted through a variety of intersecting factors, including biological sex, spirituality, sense of self, roles, behaviours, occupation, dress, sexuality, government and religious ideology, and subjectivity. Using ethnographic data, I examine how… Expand
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