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Ist eine Kombination von Harnstoff und Glycerin in Externagrundlagen sinnvoll

  title={Ist eine Kombination von Harnstoff und Glycerin in Externagrundlagen sinnvoll},
  author={Stefan Wolf Schermer},
  journal={Zeitschrift für Hautkrankheiten},
The influence of a monotherapy with glycerol and urea, respectively, on the stratum corneum hydration against exsiccation by a tenside solution and on the skin - smoothing effect was investigated in comparison with a combination therapy with glycerol and urea. Here, an increase of 5 % in the dose of urea in an oil-in-water-emulsion did not produce significant advantages with regard to the stratum corneum hydration and the protective effect against the dehydration by tenside solutions. In… 
Glycerol and the skin: holistic approach to its origin and functions
The aquaporin‐3 transport channel and lipid metabolism in the pilosebaceous unit have been evidenced as potential pathways for endogenous delivery of glycerol and for its metabolism inThe skin.
Do Shake Lotions, Zinc Oil and Polyethylene Glycol Gels Produce Dehydration or Moisturization?
Zinc shake lotion and the two PEG ointments can be used in the treatment of dry atopic skin, but not in overhydrated skin, e.g. in intertriginous regions.
Studies on Constituents of Moisturizers: Water-Binding Properties of Urea and NaCl in Aqueous Solutions
The results indicate that urea and NaCl in aqueous solution do not interact strongly and are, therefore, compatible in moisturizing preparations and can be expected to be effective in mixtures giving a better than one of them alone.
Glycerol accelerates recovery of barrier function in vivo.
Glycerol can be regarded as a barrier stabilizing and moisturizing compound as the glycerol-induced recovery of barrier function and stratum corneum hydration were observed even 7 days after the end of treatment.
Anti‐irritants I: dose–response in acute irritation
‘AIs’ are being added to cosmetic formulations in order, allegedly, to benefit tolerability of the products and allow claims such as ‘soothing’ and ‘healing’ ingredients.
Do Urea/Ammonium Lactate Combinations Achieve Better Skin Protection and Hydration than Either Component Alone?
5% urea and both ammonium lactate/urea combinations produced significant stratum corneum hydration and improved stratum Corneum barrier function; there were no significant differences between these three treatments.
Basic Topical Therapy with Emollients in Atopic Eczema
The ultimate role of any topical basic therapy is the improvement of stratum corneummoisture and stabilization of the reduced epidermal barrier function.
Keratolytische bzw. proteolytische Wirkstoffe und Grundlagenbestandteile
Eine keratolytische Wirkung im engeren Sinn bedeutet die Auflosung der oberflachlichen Korneozyten, der Nagel oder der Haare. Dieser Effekt wird klinisch bei der Warzenbehandlung, bei
Hautreinigung und Pflege
Jeder Waschvorgang fuhrt an der Haut zu einer vorubergehenden Austrocknung der Hornschicht, in die lebende Epidermis eindringen and zu entzundlichen Reaktionen fuhren.
Beeinflussung der Hornschichtqualität durch glycerinhaltige Externagrundlagen
Glycerin can lead to a transition of crystalline lipid structures within the horny layer lipids into liquid crystalline states if applied in oil/water-emulsions it improves, the hydration of the horny layers better than urea.