Ist die funktionell konservative Behandlung stabiler Außenknöchelfrakturen gerechtfertigt?

  title={Ist die funktionell konservative Behandlung stabiler Au\ssenkn{\"o}chelfrakturen gerechtfertigt?},
  author={Jutta Richter and Claus Langer and Michael Paul Hahn and Ch. Josten and G. M. Muhr},
  journal={Der Chirurg},
For Weber type B ankle fractures, operative treatment is generally recommended. Yet, there is no general agreement about the role of functional treatment. In a prospective follow-up study from December 1990 to May 1994, 146 patients were reviewed. The mean follow-up time was 17.3 months for clinical examinations and 19.6 months for X-rays. There were no failures. In all, 85 patients (58 %) were treated conservatively (group K). A below-the-knee plaster was applied to 23 patients for 6 weeks… CONTINUE READING