Issues in the long-term evaluation of diet in longitudinal studies.

  title={Issues in the long-term evaluation of diet in longitudinal studies.},
  author={Christopher T Sempos and Katherine M Flegal and Clifford L. Johnson and Catherine M. Loria and Catherine E. Woteki and Ronette R. Briefel},
  journal={The Journal of nutrition},
  volume={123 2 Suppl},
Longitudinal studies are very useful for studying diet/disease relationships. The fundamental components of a longitudinal study are that: 1) data are collected for two or more distinct time periods; 2) the subjects are the same or comparable from one time period to the next; and 3) data are compared between or among time periods in the analysis. A longitudinal study is often assumed to be synonymous with a cohort study, but there are at least four possible definitions for a longitudinal study… CONTINUE READING

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