Issues in the Interpretation of “Altmetrics” Digital Traces: A Review

  title={Issues in the Interpretation of “Altmetrics” Digital Traces: A Review},
  author={Shenmeng Xu},
  journal={Frontiers Res. Metrics Anal.},
  • Shenmeng Xu
  • Published 4 October 2018
  • Business
  • Frontiers Res. Metrics Anal.
Researchers leave traces of their behavior during many stages of their research process. Parts of this process were formerly invisible. With scholarship moving online, we can now access various types of altmetrics digital traces such as reading, organizing, sharing and discussing scientific papers, thus develop a more holistic story about researchers and their work. However, a lack of in-depth interpretation of altmetrics digital traces is observed. Therefore, this paper focuses on reviewing… 

A Bibliographic Scan of Digital Scholarly Communication Infrastructure

Saunders, H. (2021). Mapping Scholarly Communication Infrastructure: A Bibliographic Scan of Digital Scholarly Communication Infrastructure [Book Review]. Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly

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Currently, the digital dimension permeates the daily activity of many professions, with all that this entails, in terms of advantages, disadvantages and challenges. The academic world is not immune

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© 2021 Indian Journal of Anaesthesia | Published by Wolters Kluwer Medknow The academic world is currently facing a mad pursuit for publications. Parallel to this race, there is another race going on

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This perspective paper aims to add to the discussion of the (re)formulation of the academic editor’s role, considering that he or she, in this panoply of changes, continues, and will continue to be, the ultimate guardian of the scientific quality of what is published.

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Measuring, reporting, and forecasting research impact beyond academia has become increasingly important to demonstrate and understand real-world benefits. This is arguably most important in crisis



How well developed are altmetrics? A cross-disciplinary analysis of the presence of ‘alternative metrics’ in scientific publications

The main result of the study is that the altmetrics source that provides the most metrics is Mendeley, with metrics on readerships for 62.6 % of all the publications studied, other sources only provide marginal information.

Scholarly use of social media and altmetrics: A review of the literature

This review provides an extensive account of the state of the art in both scholarly use of social media and altmetrics, reviewing the various functions these platforms have in the scholarly communication process and the factors that affect this use.

Grand challenges in altmetrics: heterogeneity, data quality and dependencies

Heterogeneity, data quality and particular dependencies are identified as the three major issues and discussed in detail with an emphasis on past developments in bibliometrics.

Do “altmetrics” correlate with citations? Extensive comparison of altmetric indicators with citations from a multidisciplinary perspective

The results confirm that the presence and density of social media altmetrics counts are still very low and not very frequent among scientific publications, with 15%–24% of the publications presenting some altmetric activity and concentrated on the most recent publications, although their presence is increasing over time.

Measuring researchers’ use of scholarly information through social bookmarking data: A case study of BibSonomy

Results show that published journal articles are by far the most popular type of source bookmarked, followed by conference proceedings and books, and there is a marked preference for the use of subject-based repositories over institutional repositories in the case of open access repositories.

Altmetrics: Finding Meaningful Needles in the Data Haystack

New alternative metrics (“altmetrics”) are proposed to give a much better sense of a paper's true impact and separate out the digital needles from the haystack and create useful tools for research assessment.

The role of twitter in the life cycle of a scientific publication

Twitter is a useful social media tool that can provide a valuable contribution to scientific publishing in the 21st century, but there are limitations surrounding issues of intellectual property and ownership, inclusiveness and misrepresentations of science sound bites.

Do Altmetrics Work? Twitter and Ten Other Social Web Services

Comparisons between citations and metric values for articles published at different times, even within the same year, can remove or reverse this association and so publishers and scientometricians should consider the effect of time when using altmetrics to rank articles.