Issues in M(atrix) theory compactification

  title={Issues in M(atrix) theory compactification},
  author={Michael R Douglas and Hirosi Ooguri and Stephen H. Shenker},
  journal={Physics Letters B},

A comment on the R4-coupling in (M)atrix theory

-coupling in (m)atrix Theory

By scaling arguments we show that the presence of a R4-term in the eleven dimensional supergravity effective lagrangian, if it is visible in (M)atrix theory, should produce a correction to the

Lectures on D-branes, Gauge Theory and M(atrices)

These notes give a pedagogical introduction to D-branes and Matrix theory. The development of the material is based on super Yang-Mills theory, which is the low-energy field theory describing

Matrix Quantum Mechanics for Supermembrane on Ads 7 × S

We explore the light-cone gauge formulation of a closed supermembrane on AdS7× S4. We obtain the action of matrix quantum mechanics with large N U(N) gauge symmetry for the light-cone supermembrane.

The M(Atrix) Model of M-Theory

These lecture notes give a pedagogical and (mostly) self-contained review of some basic aspects of the Matrix model of M-theory. The derivations of the model as a regularized supermembrane theory and


We use the boundary state formalism to study the interaction of two moving identical D-branes in the Type II superstring theory compactified on orbifolds. By computing the velocity dependence of the

The M ( atrix ) model of M-theory

These lecture notes give a pedagogical and (mostly) self-contained review of some basic aspects of the Matrix model of M-theory. The derivations of the model as a regu-larized supermembrane theory

Aspects of ALE matrix models and twisted matrix strings

We examine several aspects of the formulation of M(atrix)-theory on ALE spaces. We argue for the existence of massless vector multiplets in the resolved ${A}_{n\ensuremath{-}1}$ spaces, as required

D-branes, quivers, and ALE instantons

Effective field theories in type I and II superstring theories for D-branes located at points in the orbifold C^2/Z_n are supersymmetric gauge theories whose field content is conveniently summarized


D particle dynamics and bound states

We study the low energy effective theory describing the dynamics of D-particles. This corresponds to the quantum-mechanical system obtained by dimensional reduction of (9+1)-dimensional

D-Brane Realization of N=2 Super Yang-Mills Theory in Four Dimensions

We develop and study a D-brane realization of 4D N=2 super Yang-Mills theory. It is a type IIB string theory compactified on R^6\times K3 and containing parallel 7-branes. It can also be regarded as

D-brane field theory on compact spaces

D-brane Field Theory on Compact Spaces

  • A. U.S
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 1996
We consider Dirichlet p-branes in type II string theory on a space which has been toroidally compactified in d dimensions. We give an explicit construction of the field theory description of this

D-branes on Calabi-Yau spaces and their mirrors

M theory as a matrix model: A Conjecture

We suggest and motivate a precise equivalence between uncompactified 11-dimensional M theory and the N={infinity} limit of the supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics describing D0 branes. The