Issues and images – new sources of inequality in current representative democracy

  title={Issues and images – new sources of inequality in current representative democracy},
  author={Winfried Thaa},
  journal={Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy},
  pages={357 - 375}
  • W. Thaa
  • Published 30 March 2016
  • Political Science
  • Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
Right from its beginning, representative democracy was criticized for promoting inequality. Nonetheless, for many decades representative democracy has led to more equality – politically as well as socially. Meanwhile, in most Western societies this has dramatically changed. Trying to understand this change, the paper will first identify the immanent egalitarian tendencies in modern democratic representation. I will argue that not only universal franchise, but, paradoxically, also the… 

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Bu çalışma, geri döndürülemez bir süreç olan küreselleşme sürecinin kontrolsüz ve devingen yapısından kaynaklanan olumsuz sonuçlarına çözüm üretebilmek için ortaya atılan projelerden biri olan



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