Ispitivanje elektrohemijskih izvora energije postupkom izračunate krivulje pražnjenja

  title={Ispitivanje elektrohemijskih izvora energije postupkom izra{\vc}unate krivulje pra{\vz}njenja},
  author={B Đorđevi{\'c} Aleksandar and M Karanovi{\'c} Du{\vs}an},
The discharge curve of a cell/battery was defined either as a set Of ordered pairs: voltage, Vt vs time, ti = ti-1 + ∆t or time, ti vs discharge voltage, Vi, where U0 > Vi > V cutoff. In addition to the experimental measured discharge curve, the cell relaxation curve needs to be monitored. The Calculated Discharge Curve Method (CDCM) was developed to improve cell/battery monitoring as well as its characterization. The CDCM may be used for type qualification, product acceptance, and periodical… CONTINUE READING

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