Isparta ve Karaman illerinde elma üretim maliyetinin karşılaştırılması

  title={Isparta ve Karaman illerinde elma {\"u}retim maliyetinin karşılaştırılması},
  author={Alamettin Bayav and Bahri Karlı},
Aims : This research aimed to compare the production costs of Isparta and Karaman provinces which have 20.2% and 13.4% of Turkey apple production, respectively. Methods and Results : Total of 132 apple-farms were selected by means of the stratified random sampling method and face-to-face interviews were performed with the stakeholders. The data belong to the 2017-2018 production season. Production costs were calculated according to the rootstocks used. The results show that the average… 
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Bu arastirmada, Isparta ilinde elma uretim maliyeti ve gelirinin belirlenmesi amaclanmistir.Calisma Isparta Egirdir, Gelendost ve Senirkent ilcelerinde elma uretiminin yogun oldugukoylerde 2002-2003

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