Isozymic gene linkage map of the tomato: Applications in genetics and breeding


New linkage data are presented for the situation of five previously unlocated isozymic loci of the tomato and closely related species with homosequential chromosomes.Prx-1 lies on chromosome 1, where it is also linked withSkdh-1; Aps-2 is linked withGot-4 on chromosome 8;Tpi-2 has been allocated to chromosome 4; and a linkage has been detected betweenPgi-1 andEst-4, whose respective chromosome has not yet been determined. These and previously published data have been summarized in the form of an isozyme linkage map. Twenty-two loci have thus been mapped on nine of the twelve tomato chromosomes. We discuss some new applications of mapped isozymic genes. In certain types of segregations, isozymic genes are far more efficient than morphological markers in providing linkage information. They greatly expedite the cytogenetic investigation of species hybrids and can be utilized to facilitate backcross transfers of genes from wild to cultivated taxa.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00279708

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