Isozyme variation and RFLPs at the β-amylase loci in wheat

  title={Isozyme variation and RFLPs at the β-amylase loci in wheat},
  author={Peter J. Sharp and Salil D. Desai and Mike D. Gale},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
Forty-one hexaploid wheat genotypes have been examined for RFLPs detected by a β-amylase probe using three restriction enzymes, and for mature grain β-amylase isozyme polymorphism following IEF. The two homoeoallelic series assayed for RFLPs differed: little variation was found at group 2 chromosome homoeoloci, while the group 4/5 chromosome homoeoloci displayed considerable variation. Varieties that displayed a RFLP with one RE almost always did likewise with the other two REs, suggesting that… CONTINUE READING