Isotopic ecology and dietary profiles of Liberian chimpanzees.

  title={Isotopic ecology and dietary profiles of Liberian chimpanzees.},
  author={Catherine C Smith and Mich{\`e}le E. Morgan and David R. Pilbeam},
  journal={Journal of human evolution},
  volume={58 1},
An extensive suite of isotopic data (delta(13)C, delta(15)N, and delta(18)O) from enamel apatite and bone collagen of adult male and female wild chimpanzees establishes baseline values for Pan troglodytes verus in a primary rainforest setting. The Ganta chimpanzee sample derives from a restricted region in northern Liberia. Diet is examined using stable light isotopes at three life stages-infant, young juvenile, and adult-and developmental differences are investigated within and between… CONTINUE READING

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