Isotonic nasogastric tube feedings: do they cause diarrhea?

  title={Isotonic nasogastric tube feedings: do they cause diarrhea?},
  author={G E Pesola and Jan E Hogg and T Yonnios and R E McConnell and Graziano C Carlon},
  journal={Critical care medicine},
  volume={17 11},
NG tube feedings in hospitalized patients, whether in a ward or ICU, are considered a common etiology of diarrhea. To evaluate the accuracy of this assumption, 13 hospitalized postoperative patients with head and neck cancer, 11 ICU patients, and five healthy volunteers were given isotonic, low-residue, lactose-free tube feedings starting at 30 kcal/ There was no prior history of diarrhea in any patient studied. There was a significant difference in both albumin levels and diarrhea… CONTINUE READING