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Isorhamnetin protects endothelial cells model CRL1730 from oxidative injury by hydrogen peroxide.

  title={Isorhamnetin protects endothelial cells model CRL1730 from oxidative injury by hydrogen peroxide.},
  author={Cheng Jia-yi and Ning Tianyi and Teng Dan and Kang Ting-guo and Wang Qing-feng and Zhang Qianqian},
  journal={Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences},
  volume={32 1},
To explore the protective effect and mechanism of isorhamnetin against oxidative injury caused by H2O2 to endothelial cell strain CRL1730 of human umbilical vein. H2O2 and endothelial cell strain CRL1730 were used, as a model of injured endothelial cell. Three levels of crude drugs areorhamnetin, 22.8μg/ml, 11.4μg/mL and 5.7μg/mL was added to the injured cell strain CRL1730 respectively. The cell injury was measured in terms of necrotic rate, quantities of von Wilebr and factor (vWf) and… Expand
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