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Isoproterenol induced pancreatic secretion in rats. A comparison with secretin.

  title={Isoproterenol induced pancreatic secretion in rats. A comparison with secretin.},
  author={C. Roz{\'e} and J. de la Tour and J. Chariot and M. Souchard and C. Vaille and C. Dupont and E. Jean and J. Wepierre},
  journal={Biomedicine / [publiee pour l'A.A.I.C.I.G.]},
  volume={24 6},
The stimulatory effects of isoproterenol and secretin on external pancreatic secretion were compared in the rat. 1. In acute fistula, pylorus ligation, atropine, glucagon did not change either of the stimulated secretions. Propranolol inhibited isoproterenol-induced secretion and did not change secretin induced stimulation. Theophylline alone displayed a large hydrelatic stimulatory effect, without increasing protein excretion; the effect of theophylline was additive with the effects of… Expand
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