Isonymy and the genetic structure of Sicily.

  title={Isonymy and the genetic structure of Sicily.},
  author={A. Rodriguez-Larralde and Angelo Pavesi and Chiara Scapoli and Franco Conterio and G L Siri and Italo Barrai},
  journal={Journal of biosocial science},
  volume={26 1},
The genetic structure of Sicily was analysed through the distribution of surnames of 758,793 users registered in the Italian Telephone Company, corresponding to 371 communes of the island. Estimates of the coefficient of consanguinity due to random isonymy, of Fisher's a, an indicator of abundance of surnames, and of Karlin-McGregor's v, an indicator of immigration rates, were obtained for each commune. Four different estimates of genetic distance between all possible pairs of communes within… CONTINUE READING

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