Isonymy and isolation by distance in Italy.

  title={Isonymy and isolation by distance in Italy.},
  author={Italo Barrai and A. Rodriguez-Larralde and Elisabetta Mamolini and Chiara Scapoli},
  journal={Human biology},
  volume={71 6},
The isonymy structure of Italy was studied using the surname distribution of 5,043,580 private telephone users selected from a 1996 commercial CD-ROM that contains all 24 million users in the country. The users were distributed in 123 towns selected on a geographic basis. The 123 towns were either on the main communication roads of the country or at the ends of such roads. The shortest distance between nearest neighbor towns was 5.3 km (Carrara and Massa), and the largest distance was 1,136 km… CONTINUE READING