Isoniazid induced pellagra despite pyridoxine supplementation.


Although pellagra is a recognized complication of isoniazid therapy, the diagnosis may be overlooked or delayed--sometimes with life-threatening consequences. We report a case of isoniazid-induced pellagra which occurred despite pyridoxine supplementation. Drug withdrawal and supplementation with niacin led to a rapid and sustained clinical improvement. The possible mechanisms of isoniazid induced pellagra are discussed.


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@article{Darvay1999IsoniazidIP, title={Isoniazid induced pellagra despite pyridoxine supplementation.}, author={A Darvay and Tamara Basarab and J M Mcgregor and Robin J Russell-Jones}, journal={Clinical and experimental dermatology}, year={1999}, volume={24 3}, pages={167-9} }