Isometry-invariant geodesics and nonpositive derivations of the cohomology

  title={Isometry-invariant geodesics and nonpositive derivations of the cohomology},
  author={Stefan Papadima and Laurentiu Paunescu},
  journal={Journal of Differential Geometry},
We introduce a new class of zero-dimensional weighted complete intersections, by abstracting the essential features of rational cohomology algebras of equal rank homogeneous spaces of compact connected Lie groups. We prove that, on a 1-connected closed manifold M whose rational cohomology algebra belongs to this class, every isometry has a non-trivial invariant geodesic, for any metric on M. We use rational surgery to construct large classes of new examples for which the above result may be… 
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Papadima volume
S, tefan Papadima was born in Bucharest, Romania on 7 March 1953, in a family of literary-oriented intellectuals. His father, Ovidiu, was a distinguished literary critic, while his mother, S,
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It is shown that R equals double-struck upper C left-bracket x 1 comma x 2 comma ellipsis comma x Subscript n Baseline right-BRacket slash left-parenthesis f 1 comma ellipis comma f Subscript m Baseline left-parentshesis is equal to R.


Rational homotopy equivalences of Lie type
  • S. Papadima
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 1988
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Contributions of rational homotopy theory to global problems in geometry
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