Isomerization of Styrene Epoxide on Basic Solids

  title={Isomerization of Styrene Epoxide on Basic Solids},
  author={Hafedh Kochkar and Jean Marc Clacens and François Figueras},
  journal={Catalysis Letters},
The isomerization of styrene oxide has been investigated on mixed oxides obtained by calcination of hydrotalcites, rare earth phosphates and KF supported on alumina. All solids form β-phenylacetaldehyde. Basic catalysts deactivate rapidly or show a lower selectivity, most probably due to the formation of heavy products by aldolisation. ZnAl catalyst shows a selectivity towards β-phenylacetaldehyde >98% with no deactivation after 7 h on stream, in a flow gas phase process at 423 K. 

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