Isolation of water-soluble organic matter from atmospheric aerosol.

  title={Isolation of water-soluble organic matter from atmospheric aerosol.},
  author={Bal{\'a}zs Varga and G{\'a}bor Kiss and Ildik{\'o} Ganszky and Andras Gelencser and Zolt{\'a}n Kriv{\'a}csy},
  volume={55 3},
The development of a solid phase extraction (SPE) method is presented, which is capable of isolating approx. 60% of the water-soluble organic compounds from aerosol samples. The aqueous extracts of the filter samples were acidified then passed through an SPE column. Four silica-based and two polymeric reversed phase columns were tested and similar recoveries of the organic carbon were found. The isolated organic matter was nearly free from inorganic ions, which are major constituents of… CONTINUE READING

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