Isolation of the elusive supercomplex that drives cyclic electron flow in photosynthesis

  title={Isolation of the elusive supercomplex that drives cyclic electron flow in photosynthesis},
  author={Masakazu Iwai and Kenji Takizawa and Ryutaro Tokutsu and Akira Okamuro and Yuichiro Takahashi and Jun Minagawa},
Photosynthetic light reactions establish electron flow in the chloroplast’s thylakoid membranes, leading to the production of the ATP and NADPH that participate in carbon fixation. Two modes of electron flow exist—linear electron flow (LEF) from water to NADP+ via photosystem (PS) II and PSI in series and cyclic electron flow (CEF) around PSI (ref. 2). Although CEF is essential for satisfying the varying demand for ATP, the exact molecule(s) and operational site are as yet unclear. In the green… CONTINUE READING
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genetic approaches

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