Isolation of mycoplasmas from prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster).

  title={Isolation of mycoplasmas from prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster).},
  author={Dirck L. Dillehay and Martin P. Sander and Deborah F. Talkington and W. Lanier Thacker and David R Brown},
  journal={Laboratory animal science},
  volume={45 6},
A new species of mycoplasmas was isolated from the lungs and nasopharyngeal washings of prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster). Clinical signs of disease and microscopic lesions were not observed at the time of this isolation. The organism was cultured in SP4 medium; it grew aerobically, anaerobically, and in 5% CO2 in 5 to 7 days, and fermented glucose. Transmission electron microscopy revealed the organism to lack a cell wall and to have typical mycoplasmal ultrastructural morphology. The… CONTINUE READING