Isolation of influenza A and B viruses in HeLa cells.


The HeLa cell line which is one of the most popular cell lines was shown to be suitable for isolation of types A (H3N2) and B influenza viruses from throat washings of patients. Sixty-nine and 67 out of 147 throat washings taken from patients during the period from January to April 1994, were positive for influenza A virus in HeLa cells and MDCK cells respectively. Seven out of 10 throat washings taken between January and March, 1993, were positive for influenza B virus in MDCK. Of these 7, 4 were also positive for HeLa cells.

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@article{Yamanaka1995IsolationOI, title={Isolation of influenza A and B viruses in HeLa cells.}, author={Toshiaki Yamanaka and Hiroshi Shirasawa and Shigeo Yoshizawa}, journal={Microbiology and immunology}, year={1995}, volume={39 5}, pages={361-3} }