Isolation of haloarchaea that grow at low salinities.


Summary Archaea, the third domain of life, were long thought to be limited to environmental extremes. However, the discovery of archaeal 16S rRNA gene sequences in water, sediment and soil samples has called into question the notion of Archaea as obligate extremophiles. Until now, none of these novel Archaea has been brought into culture, a critical step… (More)


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@article{Purdy2004IsolationOH, title={Isolation of haloarchaea that grow at low salinities.}, author={Kevin J. Purdy and Tania Cresswell-Maynard and David B. Nedwell and Terry J. McGenity and William D. Grant and Kenneth N. Timmis and T Martin Embley}, journal={Environmental microbiology}, year={2004}, volume={6 6}, pages={591-5} }