Isolation of chicken taste buds for real-time Ca2+ imaging.

  title={Isolation of chicken taste buds for real-time Ca2+ imaging.},
  author={Ken-ichi Kudo and Fuminori Kawabata and Toumi Nomura and Ayumi Aridome and Shotaro Nishimura and Shoji Tabata},
  journal={Animal science journal = Nihon chikusan Gakkaiho},
  volume={85 10},
We isolated chicken taste buds and used a real-time Ca2+ imaging technique to investigate the functions of the taste cells. With RT-PCR, we found that isolated chicken taste bud-like cell subsets express chicken gustducin messenger RNA. Immunocytochemical techniques revealed that the cell subsets were also immunopositive for chicken gustducin. These results… CONTINUE READING