Isolation of brassicasterol from steam deodorizer distillate of rapeseed oil: Some properties of its acetate tetrabromide and its reduction to 22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol

  title={Isolation of brassicasterol from steam deodorizer distillate of rapeseed oil: Some properties of its acetate tetrabromide and its reduction to 22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol},
  author={H. W. Hircher and F. Rosenstein},
Brassicasterol (5,22-ergostadien-3β-ol) was isolated from the steam deodorizer distillate of rapeseed oil and purified by acetylation, bromination, chromatography on 20% AgNO3/SiO2 columns and hydrolysis. Brassicasteryl and stigmasteryl (5,22-stigmastadien-3β-ol) acetates were brominated, and the yields of products and solubilities of the tetrabromides from the two steryl acetates were compared. Stigmasteryl acetate tetrabromide is less soluble than the corresponding brassicasteryl derivative… Expand
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